Business Mastermind Series

12-Week Business Mastermind Series with business leaders
Lisa Copeland & René Banglesdorf

Lisa Copeland
Lisa CopelandCo-Founder
René Banglesdorf
René BanglesdorfCo-Founder

About This Course

Are you stuck in the status quo? Frustrated with the mediocrity all around you? Have you lost the passion and drive you once had for your career or small business? You are not alone. There are millions of people drifting in that same river of average. The good news is, you have the option to improve your world, rise above the status quo, and crush mediocrity.

With some genuine encouragement and a little guidance, you can take the first steps to making a much bigger impact, starting right where you are today. No matter your age, your circumstances, your background, or your struggles with fear and failure, you can make choices today that will transform your life and legacy into something great.

Both Banglesdorf and Copeland have applied the principles in this course to their own lives and have climbed to the top of two male- dominated industries, namely aviation and automotive. Incorporating lessons from the book and their vastly different careers, they provide a clear path to rising above the status quo and crushing the standard of mediocrity across all demographics and personality types. The interactive portions of the course put into practice the concept of rooting for one another and provide much-needed encouragement.

The world is waiting for you to do something to change it. What are you waiting for?

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify Your Core Beliefs
  • Build Your Personal Brand
  • Turn Brand into Opportunities
  • Maximize Digital Marketing
  • Improve Prospecting
  • Motivate Your Team (or Yourself)
  • Close More Sales
  • Win in Contract Negotiations
  • Boost Online Sales
  • Win Customers Without Losing Yourself
  • Strategize Community Involvement
  • Calculate Risks & Overcome Fear
  • Recover from Failure

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